[video] “History Matters in the Mission”. Written and directed by Paul S. Flores

“History Matters in the Mission”  is now available for your Free Viewing Pleasure.

Performed as a mini historic tour in the form of a street procession with live music on a flatbed truck, dancing in the street, giant puppets, a “Cranky” and radical street theater pays homage to the artists and activists of the 1970’s in honor of 50 year anniversary of El Tecolote newspaper.

This radical street theater project came from Paul’s conversations with Yolanda Lopez in 2019-2020 who wanted to see radical theater in the street where everyone had access to it. Paul was obliged to listen.

So many people love SF’s Mission district neighborhood. Paul says he especially loves it because it has nurtured his art practice since 1996. “I stand on the shoulders of radical artists like the ones who we were able to impersonate and perform for”.

See amazing video!

About video:

“History Matters in the Mission”, written and directed by Paul S. Flores, was filmed live October 23, 2021 on 24th Street in the Mission District by Ginger Chen.

The show is dedicated to Yolanda Lopez in honor of her artistic and local community contributions, as well as the inspirational neighborhood artists and activists Carlos Baron, @Joan Holden of San Francisco Mime Troupe, Michael Rios and journalist Juan Gonzales founder of El Tecolote Newspaper whose real lives this project is based on. Que viva la Misión!

Thank you to co-presenters and funders including SFMOMA San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Brava Theater, Adobe Books, Dance Brigade’s Dance Mission, Calle 24 Latino Cultural District, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, Evolved SF, ZERO1, Community Music Center. Thank you to funders San Francisco Arts Commission, Kenneth Rainin Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Thank you to Accion Latina for commissioning, to Paseo Artistico for presenting and to El Tecolote for holding over 50 years of history of the neighborhood. Big shout out to neighborhood SF artists and collaborators Vanessa Sanchez, Pedro Gomez, Josue Rojas, Jonathan Youtt, Diana Aburto Vega, Jessica Maria Recinos, Edna Mira Raia, Baba Duru, Jason Moen, Chris Carter, Chris Cuadrado and Chiara Di Martino, as well as @Bateria Batuci.

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