Latinos grew 50% of USA’s population in last 10 years! 2020 Census

Half of USA’s total growth was from the Hispanic population, which reached 62.1 million, or 18.7% of the total in 2020, compared to 16.4% in 2010 and 12.6% in 2000.

  • New Census data show Hispanics accounted for about half the country’s growth over the past decade, up by about 23 percent.
  • The Asian population grew faster than expected — up by about 36 percent, a rise that made up nearly a fifth of the country’s total.

The USA grew significantly more diverse over the past decade, as the populations of people who identify as Hispanic and Asian surged and the number of people who said they were more than one race increased, the Census Bureau reported on Thursday.

The growth that did occur — an increase of about 23 million people — was made up entirely of people who identified themselves as Hispanic, Asian, Black and more than one race, according to the data, the first racial and ethnic breakdown from the 2020 census.

Nearly 1 in 4 Americans now identify themselves as either Hispanic or Asian.

The Black population grew by 6 percent, an increase that represented about a tenth of the country’s growth. Americans who identified as non-Hispanic and more than one race rose the fastest, jumping to 13.5 million from 6 million.

Redistricting voting benefits?

The new Census numbers will be felt at the ballot box because information released from the count will be used to redraw congressional voting districts that can help determine who will get elected.

The districts can be drawn up by independent groups or by state governments and can thus be heavily influenced by the party in power.

Republicans control the efforts in 20 states, and Democrats in 10 states. Elsewhere, the redistricting is done by outside groups.

The new districts would go into effect in time for the midterm elections next year.

New USA population numbers:

The overall population grew by 7.4% over the last decade to reach 331 million. The rate of growth was the slowest since the 1930s.

White population declines:

The nation has been growing more diverse for decades, but recently the pace has accelerated. Non-Hispanic white people accounted for 46 percent of population growth in the 1970s, 36 percent in the 1980s, 20 percent in the 1990s, but just 8 percent of the growth in the first decade of this century and zero in the 2010s.

New top cities:

The top five largest cities in the country are now New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Phoenix. Philadelphia is now the sixth largest city, bumped from fifth by Phoenix, which was the fastest growing of the top 20 largest cities. Its population rose by 11.2 percent.

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